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Sports Book

Unleash the thrill and win BIG at Dakota Nation Sportsbook, inside of Dakota Connection Casino!

Discover the ultimate sports betting destination in South Dakota at the Dakota Nation Sportsbook, conveniently located inside of Dakota Connection Casino. Elevate your experience with your favorite sports and enjoy live games on the big screen and a variety of delicious fan-favorite food options from our Crossroads Restaurant. With convenient betting counters and kiosks available year-round, you’ll have endless opportunities to place wagers. So embrace the excitement today with Dakota Nation Sportsbook!

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to sports betting, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable betting experience. Don’t forget to explore our Sports Book House Rules for additional insights and tips.

General House Rules

  1. The following individuals are prohibited from placing wagers or collecting winnings: a) Persons under the age of 21 b) Persons on any exclusion list c) Any person placing a wager or collecting winnings as an agent or proxy.
  2. In addition, coaches, athletic trainers, officials, athletes, and other individuals who participate in an authorized sporting event are prohibited from wagering on such sporting events, and persons who are employed in a position with direct involvement with coaches, players, athletic trainers, officials, athletes, or participants in an authorized sporting event are prohibited from wagering on such sporting events.
  3. Patrons are responsible for checking tickets for accuracy before leaving the betting window.Leaving the window with the ticket is deemed an acceptance of the wager by both parties.
  4. Tickets will not be altered or voided prior to the start of an event, except at the discretion of management and with the approval of both parties.
  5. Once both parties accept a wager, tickets will not be altered or voided after an event officially begins.
  6. Winning wagers may be redeemed up to 180 days from the date of the event.
  7. The DNGE reserves the right to refuse any wager, delete, or limit selections prior to the acceptance of any wager.
  8. The DNGE is not responsible for lost, stolen, altered or unreadable tickets.
  9. The DNGE has a $5.00 minimum and $1,000.00 maximum wagers on all sports games and events.
  10. The DNGE reserves the right to add, change or delete the DNGE payout ratio limits.
  11. The DNGE reserves the right to add, change or delete the DNGE House Wagering Rules, subject to regulatory approval.
  12. All future wagers are “action” until a winner is officially declared, unless otherwise posted or noted on printed media.
  13. The DNGE will accept wagers on currently posted terms, unless otherwise posted or noted on printed media.
  14. The DNGE assumes absolute responsibility for paying the Federal .25% Excise Tax on all sports wagers.
  15. Management will make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes.Any unresolved dispute arising from wagers accepted by DNGE shall be resolved as set forth by the SWO Gaming Commission.
  16. Management will keep a record of all point spreads, odds, final scores, and related betting proposition statistics to protect both the patron and sports book in case of an obvious mechanical or human error.
  17. The DNGE prohibits wagers on any amateur non-collegiate sport or athletic event.
  18. The DNGE prohibits wagers on any collegiate sport or athletic event, which the licensee knows or reasonably should know, is being placed by, or on behalf of a coach or participant in that collegiate event.

Download Full DCC Sports Book House Rules

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Player's Club

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